Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spirit of the Season: Part 7

            "You're not going soft on me, are you, Midas?" Raven asked. "We do the job that pays the bills; that's the way it's always been."
            Leopold and Raven had been taking a nap in their room in the compound when Midas had burst through the door, back from his errand. he had barely dropped the luggage on the floor and shut the door behind him before he started raising concerns about the job they were doing.
            "Yeah, make sure that Maria isn't getting into your head," Leopold said.  "The last thing we need is for a woman to ruin our operation. It isn't great, but it's the best we have."
            "I'm not letting her get into my head," Midas argued. "And I'm not soft, just concerned. Guess what I just found out about our horse?"
            "It's a stallion?" Raven asked sarcastically. "I don't know; what did you hear?"
            "You know how the client said he wanted us to kill a man's horse which was why I assumed there was a lord of this castle?" Midas asked. "Well there's a baron or some sort of nobility coming to visit. He's just passing through on his way to a horse competition or show or something and guess what he's bringing with him?"
            "His prized horse," Leopold said. "Unless you were going someplace entirely different with that."
            "So we've got our horse now," Raven commented, ignoring Leopold's comment. "I say we wait for it to arrive, do the job, and get out of here."

Friday, March 28, 2014


A huge thanks goes out to everyone who has or is currently reading my book to review it. All my hard work would be for naught without people like you to help get the word out. Thank you so much. I wouldn't be able to do what I do without your help.

-Peter Last

Never Too Young

My writing journey started out almost 11 years ago. I actually started writing because I was bored and had nothing to do. Drat those parents who don't believe in excessive video gaming and television watching! I distinctly remember the time because we were trying to sell the house and so the school room was on the second floor (long story I'll probably never tell you).

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Publishing Journey

I am beginning a new series of blog posts about my publishing journey. Actually, more specifically, they will be about my journey from beginning to write my first book to my expected publication date (yes, for those who are wondering, this is going to be relatively soon). If you are interested in creative, fictitious writing, this series is for you. I will focus on the things that I have learned and that I have tested to be true in the realm of writing. I'll even throw in some information on my experiences trying to get my work published. To conclude the series, I will have a series of posts about things that I learned that don't necessarily fit into the narrative.

If you are interested in writing, I would recommend this series in particular. Comment, ask questions, etc. and I will do my best to get back to you in a timely manner. As always, share this series with anyone who would be interested.

-Peter Last

P.S. You will be able to navigate to the posts in this series using buttons at the top of the page.

Spirit of the Season: Part 6

            Leopold lay on his stomach on one of the beds and stared at the fire. Midas was not present, gone to fetch their belongings. Leopold had offered to come along and help, but Midas had insisted that he could get them by himself. Raven had taken advantage of the shower room to wash up, leaving Leopold with nothing to do but build a fire. Within ten minutes he had a crackling blaze started on the hearth and once again had nothing with which to occupy himself. Absently his mind had strayed back to the job at hand. They were inside the compound now, but he still needed to get to the stables undetected if he was going to kill the horse. Or perhaps he wouldn't have to. A small amount of the right poison in the beast's food would do the trick. The question then was, would he be able to get access to the horse's food? He was so lost in thought that he didn't notice Raven until she passed between him and the fire. She had obviously just finished washing and her hair was still wet. It glistened attractively in the flickering light. She wore a knee length skirt and short-sleeved shirt, though Leopold knew that with the temperature being what it was, she would be adding to her attire as soon as she was sufficiently dry.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spirit of the Season: Part 5

            Leopold and Raven walked along the road, pretending to enjoy the sunshine but actually examining the surrounding terrain. A storm had blown in last night complete with howling wind and lots of snow fall. It had died down before dawn leaving the landscape beautiful and flawless, the driven snow covering all the imperfections.
            “What do you think?” Raven asked. She didn't specify what she was talking about, but Leopold knew. After all, they were out here for a very specific reason.
            “The approach path is terrible,” Leopold said. “The bushes and shrubs by the road would provide decent enough cover if I blended into them, but they’re all covered with snow. I’ll stick out like a sore thumb against the white.”
            “I thought that might be a problem,” Raven agreed. She looked worried and Leopold knew why. Going against Daniel’s suggestion to not take this job had been gutsy on her part. Now that it appeared as if the wizard might have been right, she was becoming very anxious.
            “Look Raven, for every problem there’s a solution,” Leopold said. “All we have to do is figure out what it is.”