Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Spirit of the Season: Part Four

            "So killing this horse is going to be a real chore," Midas said as he sipped a hot beverage in the safety of the group's room. He had just returned from a recon mission. "There must be something really special about it. I've seen barons who didn't have as much security."
            "I knew something was fishy when he was offering so much to kill an animal," Leopold commented. "That being said, I've passed some of the best security in the world, I'm pretty sure I can handle that of a horse. What's it look like?"
            "Well, whoever it is that owns the beast is one rich man," Midas said. "He has entire herds of horses, cattle, and other animals. He also owns thousands of acres of land and, by my estimation, must employ the vast majority of the people in these parts."
            "So why the interest in his horse?" Raven asked.
            "No idea," Midas answered. "As far as I can tell, people around here owe their livelihood to him."
            "Maybe that's why," Leopold speculated. "With as rich as he is, he must have acquired some enemies."