Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Spirit of the Season: Part Two

            "So now are you going to tell us who we're supposed to kill?" Midas asked when they were finally settled in their room.
            "We don't know that the job is to kill someone," Leopold argued. "I'm still willing to put money on that wager if you want."
            "It's an assassination job," Midas argued. "Daniel all but said so."
            "I'll give you odds of one hundred to one," Leopold tried to entice his brother. "Just think how much money you could make if I'm wrong."
            "Enough already with the betting," Raven cut in. "People's lives are nothing to wager money on. It's not a game."
            "Ha! 'People's lives.'" Midas said. "I told you we were killing someone."
            "She still never said that," Leopold argued. "I'll give you odds of one thousand to one."
            "Good grief, it's an assassination," Raven practically shouted. "Just stop with the betting already."
            "What, so Daniel thought you were good enough to tell what the job was?" Midas asked. "Come on! What the heck!"
            "Actually, I know what the job is because I'm the one that chose it," Raven said. "Daniel didn't want to come up here, but I convinced him to agree to it."
            "So you're the one that I have to blame for the fact that I'm freezing my butt off right now?" Midas grumbled.
            "Enough of the complaining," Leopold told his brother. "We've had our fun with it and the betting, but now it's time to go to work."
            "In the freezing cold," Midas mumbled.
            "Look, I'm going to be the one outside actually doing this job while you're sitting inside by the nice, warm fire," Leopold pointed out. "If I'm not complaining about this, you shouldn't be either."
            "Fine," Midas finally conceded. "What's the stupid job so that we can get it over with."
            "We don't have any of the details yet," Raven answered. "We'll be meeting with our employer downstairs in about half an hour. He'll give us more information then."
            "That's a bit unusual, isn't it?" Leopold asked. "We never meet with our employers until after the job is done."
            "Which is precisely why I didn't want to take this job in the first place," Daniel said. "This could easily be a trap; after all, there are a lot of people that would like to see us taken care of once and for all."
            "That's why we'll be taking precautions," Raven said. "We'll get through this without a scratch, just like we always do."
            "I hate to break it to you, but we don't always get through it without a scratch," Leopold spoke up. "I'd like to bring your attention to exhibit A." He lifted his shirt exposing several scars that he had acquired on the last job.
            "I wasn't in charge of that job, was I?" Raven asked. "No offense Daniel, but I don't think that your mistakes should apply to me as well."
            "I am actually a little offended," Daniel said, "but the point is valid. Raven might be your friend but she is as much a part of the planning process as I am and should be afforded the same respect with regards to her decisions. This is a much harder job than you would expect and you'll have to trust that we know what we are doing. If not, you can always take over for us and see how you fair."
            Leopold and Midas looked at each other. Though neither said a word, their communication was practically telepathic. They certainly didn't want to be responsible for large scale planning and organizing of the jobs.
            "So, Raven," Midas finally said. "You mentioned something about precautions. Do you want to walk us through what those might be?"

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