Monday, October 21, 2013

Marsh Madness: Part Six

            "What the heck was this thing?" Midas asked again, looking at the massive trail of destruction cut through the trees.
            "Where do you think it went?" Daniel asked. "Raven's living on borrowed time right now."
            "If anyone can track it, Leo can," Midas said, looking toward his brother.
            "It's going to be tough at best," Leopold commented, looking down at the mud. The tracks left by the creature, large as they were to begin with, were now gone.
            "Come on, don't screw around," Midas said. "I've seen you track things a lot smaller than this."
            "But that wasn't in a marsh," Leopold countered. He scanned the surrounding area for something, anything that would allow him to track the beast. Footprints were only a small weapon in the arsenal of an accomplished tracker.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Marsh Madness: Part Five

            Leopold watched as Raven walked away. With her nose in the air as it was, she was unable to see where she was going and stepped into two holes. It would have almost been funny had she not been mad at him. What it was that he had done, he still didn't know. He'd have to ask his brother when he got the chance. Midas seemed to have a better grasp on what other people thought; maybe he would be able to explain it.
            Leopold drew his knife and slashed at a strand of swamp grass. The razor sharp blade severed the plant easily, and for the first time, Leopold realized that he was angry with Raven. He certainly had the right to be angry, he told himself. She had latched onto something that he had said and blown it incredibly out of proportion. The least that she could have done would have been to explain what it was that he had done that was so bad. Instead, she had held it against him for four days. This was utterly ridiculous.