Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Black Market: Introduction

This is a sci-fi story that comes from the world of a book that I am currently in the middle of writing. By sci-fi, I mean that it deals with space, spaceships, lasers, and such. There are no dragons or knights. Actually, truth be told, I never intended on writing a sci-fi story until my little brother got into the genre and said that I should do it. I told him I'd try my hand at it, so here is my first shot, a short story named The Black Market. Since this is my first try in this area, feel free to give any feedback that you have, nice or not.

Also, as a disclaimer, the actions of this story are not legal in the strictest sense of the word. I do not condone said actions (officially) nor do I partake in them (officially). After those two statements, I am totally on a government watch list (unofficially). Anyway, the events of the story are just a portrayal of desperate people in desperate times and not a model for your life, unless of course, you should find yourself in desperate times!

-Peter Last

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