Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Angel: Part 8

Sunday, December 23

            The electricity was out again. Not for the whole building like last time. This time luck had just targeted the stage lighting. The whole sanctuary was lit except for the part that was supposed to have every eye focused on it. It was ironic for certain, but it was an hour until the show and Jeff wasn't in the mood to see the humor.
            "How soon did you say that she could get here?" he asked Samuel for the hundredth time.
            "She'll be here in a few minutes," Samuel answered. "Don't worry about it. She fixed things last time, and this time it's just the lights. My bet is that she'll have it running in less than thirty minutes."
            "She'd better or this play is toast," Jeff said over-dramatically.
            "Jeff, you're freaking out again," Samuel said in a calm voice. "I thought that we had already talked about this."
            "We did, and it's a good concept except for when you actually have to practice it," Jeff said. "I can't calm down. My nerves are fried."
            "Stressing about it isn't going to fix a thing," Samuel said reasonably. "Besides, what is it that you've learned this week?"
            "That God's in control," Jeff said, "but..."
            "No but's," Samuel cut him off. "God doesn't deal in them." The doors at the back of the sanctuary crashed open and Michel rushed in lugging her massive tool box. "As it happens, you're angel of electronics is here."

Christmas Angel: Part 7

Saturday, December 22

            It was 8 in the morning, and Jeff had already been up for two hours. His brain was full of everything that had happened in the past few days, and he had only been able to grab a few hour reprieve from it last night. Less than twenty minutes ago he had bundled up to face the cold weather and walk the streets in an attempt to forget the things that were bothering him. Last night it had seemed as though he knew exactly what it was that he had to do. He had also been fully prepared to let God take care of the results. They say that clarity comes with the light of day, but for Jeff it had only brought confusion and uncertainty. He still knew what he had to do, knew it in his heart but not in his head. He kept worrying about what would happen and how he could change the outcome.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Angel: Part 6

Friday, December 21

“Try that scene again,” Jeff called from his usual seat in the second pew. “It was good, but this time, try to make me believe that you’re actually invested.”
As the actors began the scene again, Jeff smiled to himself in contentment. It seemed that when he wasn’t stressing out, the actors didn’t either. At the beginning of the week, they had had their lines down almost perfectly, but over the past two days, their bearing and carriage had become significantly more believable. Either he was a much better director than he knew, or his assistant was correct.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Angel: Part 5

Thursday, December 20

             Jeff smiled to himself as he locked up the church. Play practice had just ended, and it had been a good one. The actors knew their lines almost impeccably now, and the technical problems were a thing of the past. Samuel was proving to be invaluable, and Jeff wondered how he had managed before. The man could do almost everything and seemed to have precognition. He knew what Jeff wanted almost before he knew himself and had it done in no time. He also had a lot of initiative, often perfecting sets or costumes without any orders to do so. The man was a theater god, it seemed.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Angel: Part 4

Wednesday, December 19

            When he had gone to sleep the previous night, Jeff had had every intention of ignoring Samuel's suggestion to forget about play practice. He knew that the suggestion had been made with good intentions, but the play was his responsibility, and he simply couldn't leave it to someone that he hardly knew. He wasn't sure exactly what happened or changed during the night, but when he woke in the morning, he had decided that he would let his assistant take care of practice today. Perhaps Samuel was right; he did need a break from it for a day.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Angel: Part 3

Tuesday, December 18

            It was almost ten o'clock before Jeff woke up. In the wake of the power outage, he had postponed practice for today until the afternoon to give the power company time to fix the problem. It might have just been his slightly pessimistic mood carrying over from the previous day, but he didn't have a lot of confidence that they would get t he job done in time for practice. Nevertheless, he would be there well ahead of time to get everything ready if the electricity was fixed and to cancel if it was not. He owed that to his cast and crew. But practice wasn't until two o'clock; he could lay in bed for another hour or so, but he wasn't tired anymore and probably wouldn't be able to sleep. Not to mention that his sleep last night had been filled with nightmares that he didn't even want to think about revisiting.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Angel: Part 2

Monday, December 17

            Jeff woke early the next morning to avoid the rest of his family. After the short altercation with them last night, he didn't really feel like confronting them until later. He stopped by the kitchen and grabbed some of the leftovers from dinner last night, then headed outside and toward the church. He felt better than last night, but probably only because he wasn't living in a state of miner hypothermia. His problems with Melissa kept crowding his mind. He just needed to get to the church and get busy with something to occupy his mind.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Angel: Part 1

Sunday, December 16

           “Lights! Camera! Action!” Jeffery Byron thought. “Or whatever they say in theater.”
            It was the first full rehearsal of his church’s Christmas play and he waited with baited breath, hoping that it would go well. The actors seemed to be getting their lines in previous practices and the crew had just finished with the props for the sets. The sound and light guys were the only variables in this equation that might ruin things. Or so he thought.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Christmas Angel: Introduction

"Christmas Angel" is an original Christmas story written by your's truely. In my own fashion, I am trying to convey the true meaning of Christmas in a (relatively) new and fresh way. Enjoy the story and come back preiodically before Christmas to read all 8 parts.