Friday, June 29, 2012

Philmont Journal: Day 1

Day 1: June 10, 2012

            Hope is fading quickly as we travel farther west. We crossed the Mississippi River today signifying that we were truly into the unruly and uncivilized western portion of this Great Country. We haven't yet encountered any duels between cowboys and Indians, but that is only a matter of time.
            My trip so far has been spent in the confines of a metal box on wheels in the company of three other adventurers like myself. You can tell that we have adventurous spirits because we have consented to travel in a vehicle powered by an explosive fuel. An explosive fiery death is a real danger for us every mile that we cover.
            We have stopped for the night and will be sleeping in a well positioned State Park in Arkansas. It is complete with good facilities, easy access, great wildlife, a nice beach, and an excellent view of the adjacent nuclear power plant. The water was glowing a pleasant green when we swam in it. I'm sure that this is normal. We didn't even see anything out of the ordinary for a lake. The three eyed fish will mount nicely in my study.
            All in all, the trip is going well though who knows what tomorrow hold. Death by Indians? A Fiery Explosion? Such is the ever present danger in the life of an adventurer.

Entry 2

The campsite is passable. There enough water and a fire ring as well as an ample supply of flat space for us to pitch tents. Dinner was tasty, scratch that, edible and I had enough to eat. Oddly, the rest of my family just kept watching me and whispering. Must have been my ability to wolf food down. Interesting. On a completely unrelated note, it is now time to visit the toil.

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