Monday, December 05, 2011

"Just Another Christmas Story" Part 5

December 21

            It was now only four days until Christmas, but Kristy wasn’t thinking about the holiday. The most important to her mind at the moment was the Christmas party that was only a few hours away. For the thousandth time she looked at herself in the mirror and twisted this way and that, trying, it seemed, to find something wrong with her outfit that she could fix. As it had for the last thirty minutes, imperfection evaded her sight, and she thought again how good she looked.
            Kristy left her bedroom and flounced down the stairs. Her friend was going to pick her up for the party, and she wanted to be ready when she got there. Looking at the decorations as she passed them, she drifted back to the kitchen where she again found her grandmother baking Christmas cookies.
            “Good Morning, grandma,” Kristy said brightly.
            “Good morning, Kristy. How are you today?” her grandmother asked.
            “Great, Kristy” answered. “I’m about to go to a party.”
            “That sounds like fun,” Kristy’s grandmother said. “I wonder, can you help me before you leave?”
            “Sure, grandma,” Kristy answered. “What do you need?”
            “Can you taste this cookie for me and see what you think?” Grandma asked as she extended the ginger snap. “I don’t know if it’s cooked enough.”

            “I’m sure it’s perfect, grandma,” Kristy said as she took the cookie from her grandmother. “Your cookies always are.”
            Kristy bit into the warm cookie and the goodness shot through her mouth. She chewed twice, savoring the treat, then swallowed.
            “It’s perfect,” she told her grandmother.
            Kristy let her grandmother get back to baking and stepped into the living room. Her father sat in his favorite chair reading the newspaper. It dipped so that he could see over the top, and he nodded to her.
            “Good morning, sweetheart,” he said. The paper rose back up to hide his face again.
            Kristy knew that it was no use trying to get anything out of her father until he had read the paper, so she stepped over to the mantle and scrutinized the small figurines. Snowmen, Santa, a nutcracker or two. In her opinion, the porcelain figures were some of the prettiest decorations in the whole house. Just below the figurines hung the family’s stockings. Kristy’s was on the far right and grandma’s was on the far left with mom and dad’s in between them. Kristy loved the patterns stitched into the soft fabric of the stockings.
            Kristy looked at dad again; he was still reading his paper. Her eyes moved to a book of Christmas stories on the coffee table. She used to love that book when she was a child, in fact, she still loved it. But right now she was too excited about her party to sit down and read. After a moment or two more, she headed back upstairs to examine her outfit and make sure that it was perfect.

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