Thursday, December 22, 2011

"Just Another Christmas Story" Part 22

December 24- 3:30 PM

            All of the Christmas preparations were finished, and Caleb had finished his book. He had spent the last half hour looking for things to do, but literally everything was done. Maybe it was time to go see if Kristy was doing okay. He hadn’t seen her since she was kidnapped, and his father had said something about her wanting to talk to him. Heck, what could it hurt. Caleb grabbed his coat and stepped out of the front door.
            The snow flurries from the previous day had turned into a full scale snowfall last night, and now the ground was covered with enough of the white powder that several of the neighbors had already or were currently shoveling it off of their driveways and, in some cases, the sidewalk in front of their houses.
With the snow, temperatures had dipped considerably, and Caleb thought that it couldn’t be above zero right now. He shoved his hands deep into his pockets as he walked down the sidewalk, avoiding icy patches. Even factoring in the cold, he still enjoyed the outdoors very much, especially after all of the time that he had spent inside recently, putting up decorations.
Caleb looked both directions, then crossed the street. Kristy’s house was right in front of him, and he hesitated for a moment before crossing the front walk and climbing the stairs to the front door. Again he hesitated momentarily before ringing the doorbell. Now he was committed.
A middle aged man answered the door. “Yes, can I help you?”
“Mr. Brown, right?” Caleb asked. “My name is Caleb Henry. I live two houses down from you. I was wondering if your daughter was home.” Caleb hoped to heaven that he didn’t sound as stupid to the man standing in front of him as he sounded to himself.
“Kristy, Caleb is here to see you,” Mr. Brown called back into the house.
“Who?” a girl’s voice asked after a few moments. There was some noise of movement from the rear of the house and Kristy stepped into the hall.
“Caleb Henry,” Mr. Brown told his daughter. “Lives down the street. He said that you knew him.”
Kristy looked at the boy standing in the door. Caleb. So that was his name. but why on earth would he be here to see her? She didn’t really know him.
“Hey, Kristy,” Caleb said. “You don’t really know me, but I live right down the street. I’m detective Henry’s son. I just wanted to make sure that you were doing alright after…you know.”
So this was the boy that had helped to save her and all of those other girls from the Cretans that had kidnapped them? He didn’t look like much but then people rarely lived up to the hype.
“Do you want to come in?” Kristy asked. “Or we can walk outside.”
“Whatever you want to do,” Caleb answered.
Kristy looked at her father who was very obviously listening to everything that was being said. “Let me get my coat.”

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