Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"Just Another Christmas Story" Part 21

December 23- 10:00 AM

            The last of the decorations were finally in place, and Caleb stood back to admire them. Another year of decorating was finally done, and this time he had two days to spare. Well, now it was time to stash the boxes back in the attic so that he could pull them back out in a week or two and stuff all of the garlands and such back into them. That was the cycle of his life, a good cycle to be back into now that all of the upheaval surrounding the kidnappings was finally done with.

            Caleb hated the entire situation, but he was glad that it went down the way that it had. He was glad that he had been able to help; more than that he was glad to know that he could step up if he needed to. Quite frankly, there was nothing that could have lifted his spirits and given him more confidence than knowing exactly what he was capable of. He was also glad that the police had been able to catch the culprits before they moved the girls from the area. Everything had worked out about as well as a kidnapping scenario could work out.
            “Morning, dad,” Caleb said as his father came out of his bed room and staggered into the kitchen. It was uncharacteristic of his father to sleep so late. The coffee maker beeped; as it was for him to drink coffee. “Up late last night?”
            “Yeah,” Mr. Henry answered. “This case is turning out to be a mess to wrap up. I had to get the statements from all of the girls that we rescued. After that, we interrogated the surviving kidnapper. She was a tough cookie to crack. We still haven’t gotten anything out of her, but we will. After we gave up on her for the night, I had to fill out tons of paper work. I didn’t leave the station until one or two this morning.”
            “I would say that I’m sorry, but I don’t guess that I really can,” Caleb said. “All this work means that you finally cracked your case. The case, in a way. And just in time for Christmas too.”
            “That is very true,” Mr. Henry agreed as he stepped out of the kitchen, a coffee cup in his hand. “You can’t give a better Christmas present to those girls or their parents.”
            “That’s true,” Caleb agreed. He hefted the first of his now empty boxes and headed for the stairs. Mr. Henry walked back into the kitchen and out of Caleb’s sight.
            To store all of the boxes in the attic took several trips, and Caleb was ready for a break by the time that he was done. His father had left moments before, no doubt to go finish paperwork on his case or to have another crack at his prisoner. Caleb grabbed a book that he was reading and a coat and headed out onto the front porch. Snow flurries were starting to fall. Maybe it would be a white Christmas this year.


            Kristy rubbed her eyes and rolled over to look at the clock on her nightstand. There was still a lot to be done before Christmas, she knew, and not a whole lot of time left to do it in. There were cookies to be made, decorations to be put up…She had wanted to meet detective Henry’s son and thank him for what he had done, but that would have to wait at least until tomorrow. The day’s schedule was already filled with preparations for the holiday.
            The first item on her agenda was to go with her father to the store and pick up several new light strings. The one that they put above the front door didn’t work anymore and the lights that they strung along the porch railing had been chewed through during the year by mice. It took Kristy about fifteen minutes to get her dad into the car. As they drove down the street, she noticed the boy that she had seen a few days earlier sitting on his front porch reading. For the life of her, she couldn’t remember what his name was. Clive maybe.

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