Monday, December 19, 2011

"Just Another Christmas Story" Part 19

            Kristy pulled the blanket that the paramedics had given her tighter around her shoulders and hunched her shoulders against the cold. She just wanted to go home, but she knew that the police would want to talk to her about what had happened. The last thing that they needed was to think that one of their rescued hostages had been kidnapped again.

            An officer approached, and Kristy sat straight up. Maybe this meant that she would get to leave soon.
            “Detective Henry,” the officer said and extended his hand to Kristy who shook it. “You must be Kristy Brown, right?”
            “Yes, that’s me,” Kristy affirmed. “I want to thank you, detective, for what you did.”
            “I was just doing my job, Kristy,” Mr. Henry said as he sat down next to the girl. “This needed to be done, so I did it. Nothing more, nothing less.”
            “Well, you may view it as that, but all these girls and their parents see it as a lot more,” Kristy said. “I certainly do. I was the girl that that man was using as a hostage earlier. I believe that you were the one to shoot him.”
            “Yes, that was me,” Mr. Henry agreed. “It seems that my family has a knack for trying to save you. When you were kidnapped at the gas station my son attempted to intervene. Of course, he wasn’t able to stop what happened, but it was his experience that lead us to the Youngs’ house.”
            “Then I would like to thank him too,” Kristy said. “He was very brave to put himself in that situation.”
            “Yes, he was at that,” Mr. Henry agreed. “I’m proud to call him my son.”
            “Detective Henry, when can I go home?” Kristy asked after a moment of silence.
            “Well, we’ll want to get your testimony and debrief you on the entire situation,” Mr. Henry said. “If you feel up to it now, we can do that, otherwise, I can take you home and we can do that tomorrow. Or later today as it would be.”
            “Let’s do it now, and get it out of the way,” Kristy said. “I would like to let my parents know that I’m alright before we do, though.”
            “Of course,” Mr. Henry agreed. “We’ve tried to call them, but there was no answer. We can walk there and see if they’re home. If they are, I’ll meet you guys at the station.”
            “That would be great,” Kristy said. “Can we go now?”
            “Sure,” Mr. Henry answered. “Just let me tell the chief that I’m taking you to your parents’ house and then to the station. Mr. Henry disappeared for a few minutes, but soon he was back, and the two of them were walking quickly through the subdivision towards their houses. The distance wasn’t very far, and in less than five minutes, they had arrived at the Browns’ front door.
            Mr. Henry rang the doorbell repeatedly until the lights in the back of the house came on. A few minutes passed before the sound of footsteps came towards the front door accompanied by the various lights coming on.
            “Who is it?” a voice from inside called.
            “It’s Detective Henry,” Mr. Henry said. “I have someone with me that I think you might want to see.”
            The door opened and Mr. Brown stuck his head out; the figure of his wife could be seen behind him. Both had somewhat puzzled expressions on their faces. Apparently they hadn’t figured out what was going on yet.
            “Dad! Mom!” Kristy yelled as she shoved the door open and dashed across the threshold of the house and into her parents’ arms. The exchange that followed was too fast and haphazard for Mr. Henry to follow. He intruded enough to make sure that the Browns knew to take their daughter to the station so that she could give her statement, then left to go get his car.

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