Saturday, December 17, 2011

"Just Another Christmas Story" Part 17

            Kristy return to consciousness was not fast this time. As she woke up in stages, she gradually became aware of her surroundings. Wherever she was being held was dark, and it took her eyes several minutes to adjust to the lack of light. Her body was slower to function than her eyes, so as she tried to see in the dark, she forced her body to move. The first thing that she noticed was the conspicuous absence of any restraints on her whatsoever. The second thing was that there was a sound of quiet sobbing coming from about five or six feet away.

            Kristy forced herself to stand and slammed her head into what felt like bars above her head. Reaching up, she felt them, a set of metal bars about four feet above the ground. Actually, now that she was looking for them, she could see bars all around her. She was stuck in a cage!
            Crawling towards the sobbing, she found herself faced with another set of bars. Peering between them, she thought that she could make out the figure of another person huddled behind another set of bars. Now that she thought about it, the sobbing sounded like Emily, which would make sense since they had both been kidnapped.
            “Emily, is that you?” Kristy whispered.
            “So Emily is her name?” a voice to Kristy’s left asked. “Well, good luck trying to get her to talk. She has been responding to anything since she woke up.”
            “Who are you?” Kristy asked. She had not expected anyone else to be here and their presence surprised her.
            “Margret Goodman,” the voice answered, “but you can call me Marge. And you are?”
            “Kristy. Kristy Brown,” Kristy answered. “How did you get here?”
            “Same way that you did, I’m sure,” Margret answered. “Same way that we all did: I was kidnapped by the two Cretans that own this house.”
            “There are more people here?” Kristy asked.
            “Sure,” Margret answered. “Two of them are here, though I think that they’re asleep. No offense to your friend there, but I couldn’t sleep through her incessant crying.”
            “You said that two of them were here,” Kristy said. “Are there more here than just us five?”
            “I haven’t seen any, but from the way that our wardens talk, I think that there are,” Margret answered. “Don’t know how many there are, though.”
            “What do they want with us?” Kristy asked. She thought that if she actually knew she would probably freak out, but she had to hear someone else’s opinion.
            “Again, I’m not sure about that, but I think that they’re going to sell us to someone else,” Margret answered. “It sounds like they were filling an order of sorts, and you and your friend were the last ones in it. We’ll probably be moved from here tonight or tomorrow. If that happens, we’ll probably never be heard from again.”
            “You don’t sound worried,” Kristy observed. Throughout the entire conversation, Margret had remained calm and collected. “Why is that?”
            “I don’t know about you, but I don’t much like the idea of disappearing for forever, so I’m not going without a fight,” Margret said. “These people seem new to this whole kidnapping thing, almost like they don’t know what they’re doing. If we all jump them when they come to get us, we’ll have a decent chance of getting away.”
            “And what if they have weapons?” Kristy asked.
            “Death is better than what they have planned for us, I think,” Margret answered. The lights came on, blinding the girls. “Looks like I was right. We’ll be shipped out tonight.”

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