Friday, December 16, 2011

"Just Another Christmas Story" Part 16

December 22- 3:30 AM

            “So, this is the house,” Mr. Henry said as he stared at the single story dwelling sitting by itself at the end of a cul-de-sac. “Doesn’t look like much, though I suppose that’s what makes it such a perfect cover.”
            “It’s the house,” Caleb assured his father. “That car in the driveway is the same one that was at the gas station. I thought that it was familiar because I see it just about every day, driving into and out of our subdivision.”
            “And who do you say these people are?” Mr. Henry asked.
            “Mr. and Mrs. Young,” Caleb answered. “At least that’s who they are if you trust their word at all, which I don’t really at this point in time.”
            “Well, I don’t much care what their names are as long as we can take them down and make this kidnapping stuff stick in a court of law,” Mr. Henry said. “If it happens like I want it to, they’ll be looking at the inside of a cell for the rest of their natural lives.” After a moment, he looked at his watch. “The rest of the units should be arriving soon. Let’s get back home; the recon unit will make sure that they don’t leave the house.”

            Just as the Henrys were about to leave, a car rounded a corner further up the road at high speeds and drove towards the Youngs’ house. As they watched, the car parked in the drive way and four people carrying what could have been weapons got out and headed inside. This take down could prove to be more difficult than Mr. Henry had expected. Still there was nothing that he and his son could do, so they headed back to their house.
            As they walked in silence, Caleb thought about the whirlwind of activity that had followed his late night revelation concerning the kidnappers’ identities. He had woken his father just after one o’clock that morning. At first Mr. Henry had been irritated, but as soon as he heard what his son had to say, he was into his clothes and dragging his son out of the house as fast as possible. Caleb drove to the station while his dad stayed on the phone contacting the police chief, the members of his unit, a local judge, and anyone else who could give a hand with this case.
            The first order of business had been to send a recon unit to the house to make sure that the Youngs were home and to follow them should they chose to leave during the night. Next, they were trying to convince a very sleepy judge to give them a search warrant for the house. Caleb gave his testimony to the man but he seemed hesitant to give a warrant with such skimpy evidence. Caleb had left the room at that time, just as the chief of police arrived. He didn’t know how his father would get the warrant out of the judge, but he knew that it would happen. This was the most solid lead that his father had had on the kidnappers in forever, and he was certainly not about to let it slip by. Approximately an hour and a half after Caleb had woken his father, the two police officers had their warrant from the judge
            The police chief’s and Mr. Henry’s ears were glued to their phones after that as they made dozens of calls. The SWAT team, hostage rescue specialists, a negotiator, and dozens of cops were called and told to meet as unobtrusively as possible in the Henrys’ subdivision. Mr. Henry’s house would be the center of operations. After arriving home, Mr. Henry and Caleb had walked down to the Youngs house to scope out the area. This trip also served to confirm what Caleb already knew about the kidnappers’ vehicle.
            Now that the two Henrys were returning home, it was almost time to put quickly plan and put into action the rescue of the two kidnapped girls. Already cops in cars without headlights on were beginning to silently surround the house, creating a nearly invisible but effective perimeter to prevent the people inside from escaping. The trap was set; all that remained was for it to be sprung.

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