Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Just Another Christmas Story" Part 14

            The car bounced to a stop and Kristy coiled up, ready to make a break for it as soon as she had a chance. Despite Kristy’s attempts to wake her, Emily was still unconscious. She had already made the decision to leave her behind; the best way to help her now was to escape and bring help. The car doors slammed, and Kristy could hear voices, but they were moving away from her. Drat. They were going to leave them in the car, at least for a while.

            Kristy knew that she needed to stay awake until her captors opened the trunk. If she failed to do so, she might lose her best chance at escape, and that was something that she simply was not willing to do. She attempted to wake her friend again, and when she was unsuccessful went on to search the interior of the trunk again. The release to drop the back seat was not located back here but probably on the inside of the car so that method of escape was out of the question. The kidnappers had also made the good decision to remove anything from the trunk that could be used as a weapon. That meant that her selection to usable items was practically nonexistent since she had dropped her purse when the bag had been thrown over her head. All that she had at her disposal was a few odd coins, a few clips from her hair, and a handful of dust that she had collected from the trunk. She didn’t know exactly what she was going to do when her abductors opened the trunk, but hopefully she would be able to think fast enough on the fly.
            The time dragged on, and as much as Kristy intended to stay awake, she found herself jerking awake without even knowing that she had been asleep. Eventually she stopped waking up altogether. The sound of the car starting woke her up. For a few seconds she freaked out at the darkness and enclosed area until she remembered where she was. Then she settled back to wait the ride out.
            The car ride was much less erratic this time and at a much more reasonable speed. As they drove, Kristy began to think again. Maybe there was some way that she could let other motorists know that they were trapped in the trunk. Of course she would have to get to the back of the trunk first which meant trying to switch places with Emily. There was no time to waste, so she started the transition immediately. It was difficult since there was only about six inches to vertical space to play with, but she would make it work; she had to make it work. Certainly the transition wasn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination, but it was doable. After all, bodies could squish and stretch when necessary, though it was certainly less than comfortable.
            The first attempt that Kristy made was to go around Emily’s feet. She figured that there would be more wiggle room horizontally, but she was wrong. She almost got stuck, and had to back out. After a brief reprieve, she began to wiggle over the top of her friend. There was almost no room to work with, but it was more than there had been on her previous attempt. She pushed, squeezed, and clawed her way on top of Emily all the while thinking how awkward it would be if she woke up. Moving from on top of Emily to the back of the trunk was a lot easier than the first part of the transition, and it only took a few minutes to do.
            Kristy shoved her friend to the back of the trunk and began to feel along the edge of the trunk. She didn’t know exactly what she was looking for but hoped that she would know when she found it. All she needed was a little more time.
            The car stopped, and the engine turned off. No! This was exactly the thing that couldn’t be happening. Time was up, and Kristy hadn’t been able to do anything to improve her and her friend’s position. And she had left all of her escape material, such as it was, on the other side of the trunk. Perfect. Well, she wasn’t about to give up now. She’d just have to claw her way out using only her two hands. She closed her eyes and lay back then, as an afterthought, grabbed the bag that had been over her head and replaced it. At least the element of surprise would be on her side.
            Kristy felt the fresh air rush over her as the trunk opened and saw a difference in light. Hands grabbed her and pulled her out of the trunk and slung her over the shoulder of someone. Without hesitation she swung her foot as hard as she could toward what she hoped was the groin of her male abductor. By the grunt of pain and her sudden descent onto the ground, she knew that she had succeeded. Instantly she tore the bag off of her head and tried to take stock of her surroundings. Before anything could register, and blow to the back of her head knocked her forward onto her face. She was out before she hit the ground.

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