Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Just Another Christmas Story" Part 11

            Mr. Henry sat at his desk and flipped coins from his fist into a container on his desk. It was something that he did when he was thinking, especially when he had hit a wall. The clink of coins on each other had been known to break him from a mental stalemate, but today it was doing nothing for him. Probably because he had nothing to work with, he thought angrily. With no information, it was hard for it to lead him anywhere. He flipped his last coin, gathered them again, and for the millionth time began to muddle through what he knew.

            There appeared to somewhat of a pattern to the kidnappings, though not enough of one for the police to go on. The abductions that the police had credited to these particular kidnappers could be roughly split into thirds with the kidnappings of each third happening within two or three miles of each other. The problem was that it wasn’t as if the kidnappers hit a particular area for a while and then moved onto another. There were cases where a few consecutive kidnappings were from one area, but usually it was haphazard with an abduction happening in one area followed by another in a completely different area. Then there were a few that no one knew where they had happened. The only reason that his case had gotten those ones was because the police didn’t know where else to file them.
            There also appeared to be absolutely no pattern to when the abductions would occur. Sometimes there were several that happened back-to-back. There was even one day where two happened at the same time. But the rapid fire method of several kidnappings was not a solid trend; many times a single abduction would be followed by a few days to a few weeks of no activity. During these times, Mr. Henry’s unit tried desperately to solve the case using what few clues they had at their disposal; then another kidnapping would occur, and there would be a frantic scramble to gather more clues and bring the perpetrators to justice, but there were few enough clues as of yet and no suspects.
            Though the investigation labeled these kidnappings as human trafficking abductions, the motivation behind the kidnappings was up to speculation as much as anything else about the case. The reasons for the motive classification had been, 1) that no demands of ransom had been issued, and 2) that the abductees had all been females in an age range matching the trends of such crimes. All speculation of course, but quite frankly Mr. Henry didn’t care what the motivation was; he just wanted to bring the criminals to justice.
            Mr. Henry propped his feet up on the desk and flipped a coin into the container, hoping that the metallic clink that it made would jog his memory. Nothing. Another coin followed the first with the same result. As the third one arched toward the dish, the phone on the desk rang. Mr. Henry waited for the coin to hit before reaching to pick up the receiver.
            “Detective Henry speaking,” He said. “How can I help you?” He listened for a moment, then his feet flew off of the desk and hit the floor with a crash.
            “How long ago did it happen?” he questioned as he reached into his desk for his badge and gun. “I’ll be down as soon as I can.”
            It was another kidnapping, just like all of the others. He knew that it would probably yield the same infuriatingly small amount of facts as the others had. On the other hand, this could be an early Christmas present for him. He could only hope.

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