Saturday, December 10, 2011

"Just Another Christmas Story" Part 10

            Kristy wasn’t sure what was happening. One moment she was sitting in the passenger seat of Emily’s car when she heard her door open. Instantly the world went black as a bag was shoved down over her head. She tried to scream, but a hand was clamped over her face preventing any sound from escaping.

            An arm reached across her body and floundered for a moment before her seat belt sprung loose. Then Kristy was being jerked out of the car and half dragged half shoved across the parking lot. She clipped something hard, then felt her legs get kicked out from underneath her. She slammed down onto the gravel. It hurt like fire but she didn’t waste a moment punching, swinging, and scratching at whoever it was that was trying to hold her down. She was fighting a losing battle; they were a lot stronger than she was and they could see.
            There was a commotion and Kristy felt more than heard the body hit the ground only a few inches away. Then she was being jerked to her feet and shoved into a very small space, probably a trunk. Again she tried to struggle, but she was in no position to do anything of consequence. A body was shoved in next to her, and she heard the trunk lid slam closed above her. A screw sticking down caught her in the top of the head, and she gave a sharp cry of pain. She was rewarded with an order to shut up accompanied by a thud on the trunk.
            Kristy grabbed at her head, tearing skin off of her knuckles on an unseen obstruction. As he jerked the bag off of her head, she felt the car begin to move and slid back into the person behind her. A sharp turn to the right slammed her into the side of the car. Something inside of Kristy started again. Up to this point she had been in a mild state of shock. Sure she had struggled, but it was almost as if she thought she was in a dream. Now, she freaked out, screaming as loud as she could and kicking a punching the trunk. She was rewarded only with more skin loss from her hands, and eventually she began to calm down. The first thing that she needed to do was take stock of her situation.
            Kristy twisted to where she could see the person in the trunk with her and pulled the bag off of their head. It was Emily like she thought it was. Suddenly she remembered the emergency release located in car trunks and with a burst of hope she felt for it. Of course, she should have been able to see it since they were usually glow-in-the-dark. Her hand felt the wire where the release had been cut off. Of course, these people knew what they were doing.
            Kristy began to feel the rest of the inside of the trunk, but this served only to reaffirm what she already knew: there was no way out. She lay back, feeling every bump in the road and beginning to think. She might have been kidnapped, but she sure as heck wasn’t going to make it easy for these people as long as they held her.

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