Thursday, December 01, 2011

"Just Another Christmas Story" Part 1

December 20

            It was almost Christmas and Kristy Brown was happy. The weather was cold with a brisk north wind blowing and snow piled in drifts on the sides of the road, so she pulled her coat tighter around her as she splashed through puddles of melted snow on her way home. She couldn’t keep the smile off of her face as she plodded onward; tomorrow she would be going to her first Christmas party of the year!
According to her friend Emily, Jonathan was going to be there. Not nerdy, coke bottle glasses Jonathan, but hot Jonathan, the one on the football team. This was going to be the party that he finally noticed her. They would…
            A car whizzed by, spraying Kristy with droplets of icy water. The shock of the cold jerked Kristy out of her day dream. Of course, the first thing that she needed to do was get home. After that, she could start to plan her conquest of Jonathan’s heart.
            Kristy turned down the sidewalk to her subdivision, and her step quickened. A left at the next intersection, three houses down, and she would be home. Christmas decorations littered the lawns of almost every house in the subdivision. Lights lined the eaves of the houses, while Santa’s and reindeer stood in the grass. Nativity scenes were scattered throughout the neighborhood, and one family even had a twenty foot tall Christmas tree in their front yard. Yes, the neighborhood was read for the holiday.
            Two cars passed Kristy, followed momentarily by a black van with tinted windows. Kristy recognized the cars, but the van was new to her. Could be a repairman, she thought, though it didn’t have a logo on the side. It probably belonged to one of the many people in the neighborhood that she didn’t know.
            Kristy reached the intersection and turned left. As on the first road, here almost all of the houses were decorated for the holidays, all except for the second house on the other side of the road. It was currently devoid of decorations of any sort, but this was about to be rectified. A teenager was standing on a ladder, about to hang a wreath on the front door, and several open boxes of lights and such were at the foot of the ladder. What was his name again? Kristy tried to remember. Curtis maybe. No, it was Calvin. Yes, definitely Calvin. Kristy didn’t know his last name, only that he seemed like a nice enough guy. He went to the same school as she did, but he wasn’t popular enough for her to talk to.
            Kristy reached the walk to her house and started up it. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the black van approaching, and she turned around to watch it. It was headed out of the neighborhood now; apparently, it hadn’t taken long to repair whatever it was that they were repairing. The van was followed closely by one of the cars from earlier. Kristy waved to the driver, Mrs. Young. She and her husband were a nice middle aged couple who lived near the back of the subdivision. As Kristy watched Mrs. Young drive away, her eye once again caught the figure of Calvin whatever-his-last-name-was. He was looking in her direction, but instantly went back to rummaging through the boxes of decorations.
            Kristy shook her head and turned toward the house. Quickly she skipped up the sidewalk, under the lights strung over the door, and into the Christmas Spirit.

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