Friday, September 23, 2011

What I've Learned

            This semester in college (the first of my sophomore year) I have already learned so many interesting things, and I’m only 5 weeks into it. These new (and not so new) revelations come in a variety of areas and are in no way shape or form related to each other. To paraphrase Mark Twain: Anyone trying to find a relationship between them will be taken out and shot.

Revelation 1: It is possible to hate and love something at the same time
            Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be some drawn out, sappy section about a girl or something. That would be disgusting and, as such, would not make it onto my blog. No, this thing that I have come to love and hate this semester is PT.
The concept of PT, that is, getting up early in the morning to build myself up physically, seemed cool before I began, but now I hate it. I hate getting up before 5:00 AM just to go punish myself physically. I hate how sore it makes me and how worn out it makes me feel for the rest of the day.
That being said, I also love PT, obviously a contradiction to what I’ve written above, but it is true nonetheless. I love how I have to get up before 5:00 AM just to punish myself physically. I love how sore it makes me and how worn out it makes me feel all day. I love how awesome it feels to have done more by 7:00 AM than a lot of people will do all day. Definitely a contradiction, but it’s just a fact; I love and hate PT

Revelation 2: I love Math
            You would have thought that this would be obvious since I am pursuing an engineering major, but I didn’t realize how much I like numbers until about 3 weeks into this semester. I love how they always come out to the same answer and don’t penalize you for having the wrong opinion. I love how if you know the formula, you will get the right answer. I just love them so much!

Revelation 3: MATLAB is awesome!
            I like writing programs with MATLAB and seeing them run correctly. Obviously this only works when I write the programs correctly, but the frustration is worth it. I also like imagining what is possible with MATLAB (even though I have no time in my schedule to experiment) MATLAB is awesome.

Revelation 4: Sometimes people don’t use common sense
            If you put something on facebook, it will get around, even to those people that you didn’t want to see it. I would have thought that this would be obvious; apparently not.

Revelation 5: I still am good at running and I still hate it with a passion
            We did a Diagnostic Physical Fitness Assessment a week ago for ROTC. For the final section of this assessment, I ran 1.5 miles in 9:23 which is pretty dang good. I’ve been running a lot more in ROTC and have been getting faster. Has this made me enjoy running like so many people have said that it would? Heck no! Still hate it.

Revelation 6: Wearing a uniform makes me feel and perform much better
            I think that this revelation is pretty obvious and needs no explanation. Don’t ask why, it just does.

Revelation 7: This is not a revelation at all, just a funny joke that I heard
            Three men go hunting, a mathematician, an engineer, and a statistician. They see a deer and, per the agreement made before, the mathematician gets the first shot. The mathematician does some calculations for the drop of the bullet and the curvature of the earth, takes aim, and fires, but is short by 3 feet because his calculations were done for a perfect universe. The engineers gets the next shot and quickly does some calculations for the trajectory of his bullet, adding in a fudge factor for air resistance and friction. He fires and is long by 3 feet. The statistician yells, “WE GOT IT!”

That’s all for today.

Peter Last

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