Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beginning AFROTC

                Today was my first day going to PT for AFROTC. I want to say that it was fantastic (because it was) unfortunately, my performance would indicate otherwise. On the bright side, I learned several new ways to torture myself. In either case, I now know where I stand in relation to my physical fitness. I suppose that I should be happy since I didn’t throw up today (I hope that I never do in PT).
            Of course my exercising is less than interesting and not really that entertaining, so let’s move onto the AFROTC trip that I went on this past weekend. We went rafting in Tennessee, something that I’ve never done before, and I will say that I was less than impressed with the experience. It was still a blast because I got to spend a weekend getting to know a lot of really cool people in the program (and some not so cool ones. Also some that are just downright jerks) It was a fun weekend for several reasons which I will now proceed to expound upon.
            The first reason that it was fun was because we were taking 60 people total; our mode of transportation, four 15 passenger vans. If you’ve ever ridden in one of these monstrosities, you will understand when I say that these particular vehicles were created for utility, not for comfort. On the 4 hour drive to Tennessee (I was sure to change this on the way back) I sat in the back seat of the van. The plus side was that I had the isle seat, so I was able to stretch my legs out somewhat. The down side was that the ceiling of the van slanted inward one the sides, and where I was, it was about 6 inches too short for me to sit comfortably. Like I said, the ride was a blast. Which goes to show how much I enjoyed the conversation.
            Another thing that made this trip so fun was my participation in one of the stupidest things that I’ve ever down in my life: the gallon challenge. If you don’t know, this is an activity where participants attempt to down an entire gallon of milk in an hour and then hold it down for 5 minutes. I probably don’t have to say that no one completed it (supposedly it’s impossible, but that’s not true) but I am proud to say that I almost downed my entire gallon before upchucking (there was about 8 to 10 ounces left. Well, after I finished, there was a lot more than that on the ground when I finished, but that doesn’t count) I was also told that I had the most epic puke, so that’s got to count for something. The most disgusting thing of it all was that one cadet was able to tell me exactly what I had for dinner by examining my vomit. Right after this, we went bowling and I bowled a 118 (which sadly is probably my personal best)
            The final thing that made our trip fun was the rafting trip. Before I said that I was less than impressed (which is largely true) but there were certain rapids that were a blast to go down. Also, during the calm, deep parts of the river we would jump out of the rafts and try to pull/push other people in. One time we tried to get as many people on one raft as possible. It was so many that we sank the raft under the water.
            All in all, the trip was a blast and I’m glad that I decided to go. Even the money that I spent on dinner that I later threw up was money well spent (I guess?)

P.S. Sorry that this post wasn’t very funny. I’ll try to find something better to write about next time.

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