Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Movie Trailer

To whoever sees this:

What do a pastor, a news anchor, and an assassin have in common? They all appear in my new full length amateur movie coming (hopefully) spring 2012. Get hyped up with this new trailer that I just put together.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Finally Finished

To whoever reads this:

Don't you just love it when you finish something? Like that 50 gallon tub of ice cream that you promised yourself that you wouldn't eat all at once? And then you finish it and you're like, "Well good, I don't have that temptation anymore." I just finished my summer job at Boy Scout Camp and have a massive feeling of relief but also a small amount of sadness. Even if the job was physically and mentally exhausting, it was also fun, and I almost (emphasis on almost) wish that it weren't over.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

A Brief Rest

To whoever reads this:

It seems that all that I do these days is apologize for my lack of activity, and alas that is what I am here to do again. It seems that Boy Scout camp was a bit more work than I anticipated it being, so I have had almost no time to write anything at all much less blog posts. Nonetheless, here I am to leave you with a few tips for life that I have gathered from spending a few weeks at camp.

1. Heat rash hurts a lot worse than sunburn so don't get it.
    -Sadly it appears that I am fairly susceptible to the blasted stuff, so life-guarding at the lake, the only part of      camp that isn't in the shade, was perhaps not the best idea for my job. In any case, my rash never got that bad unless you count it getting infected and impeding the movement of my arm as serious. In any case, it's almost cleared up now and almost never itches these days.

2. Sunburn on your head hurts worse than regular sunburn. Again, don't get it if you can help it.
    -After spending two weeks out in the sun and getting a nice tan, I decided to buzz my hair which has been getting a bit long (by my standards). At first I had a nice tan line on my head; now I have a nice burn line and it hurts very badly.

3. If you hate kids, don't work at Boy Scout Camp.
    -I actually work with a guy who claims to hate kids. I think that his favorite part of his job is getting to yell at them whenever they do something wrong.

4. Never use that Velcro stuff to attach patches to your scout uniform. People love to rip the patches off and it can take your pocket with the patch if the Velcro is strong enough.
    -Our camp director has learned this the hard way several times from what I've heard. Makes me wonder why he still has them attached the same way.

5. If you don't know the fighting experience of your opponent, don't rush in blindly. Even if it is a friendly fight.
    -I have a friend that wrestled with a guy who wrestled in school. My friend got KOed with a wrestling move. It was hilarious.

That's all that I have time for right now. I'll get another post up as soon as I can.

Peter Last