Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Great Quotes

Over the past few weeks, I have heard an astounding number of excellent quotes from a variety of people. Here are a few of them and their settings:

“Electrons are just like all of you guys…”
Dr. Marlin Simon, my physics professor.

Dr. Simon was in the process of explaining that electrons (and electric current) travel by the shortest path and the path of least resistance. He did this by using the analogy of a person driving to the beach by the best and shortest route.

“Peter has a Grandiose Type of Psychotic Disorder…”
Grace Peng, my sister-in-law

Grace has been studying mental disorders in her school and, my guess is, has been dying to use what she has learned. Consequently, when she examined the number and placement of my weapons more closely, she decided to diagnose me. The above comment was shortly followed by a diagnosis that I am schizophrenic (probably more to do with my business card than anything else)

“[You] do not possess the skill set to write a world class novel.”  
Dr. Crowley, my Introduction to Civil Engineering Professor

Dr. Crowley said this in a lecture about the skills that engineers have and don’t have. I took it a little hard because I already have a novel on its way to publication. Apparently it can’t be “world class.”

“So it’s engineering for the guilt-ridden…”
Benjamin Smith, my friend

After hearing, in our engineering orientation class, about how Biosystems Engineers help repair damage done by humans to the environment. The other option was to get rid of the humans, but no one seems to like that idea much.

“Having ten children is irresponsible and unsustainable…”
Dr. Gillen, my Geography professor

This was in Geography calls when we were talking about (you guessed it!) large families. He also said that such families would kill the world or something like that. Despite this remark, I like Dr. Gillen.

“There is a crazy on the phone, who wants her?”
Grace Peng, my sister-in-law

She works in a financial aid office and, being Chinese, doesn’t get enough credit from the people she helps. A customer had just told her to let them speak to someone else (someone smarter!) about the new “aggregate” loan that Auburn offers.

“Are you okay?”
Johnny Smith

He was nice enough to make sure I wasn’t dead after he got done mugging me. This one actually isn’t real, but I thought it was funny.

“So they’re just being a**es?”
Austin Hussong, a fellow student in my physics class

We were working physics problems and he was puzzling over an especially complicated one. After having it explained to him, he expressed his feelings for the creator of the problem.

To whoever reads this:
Thank you once again for taking time to read my blog. I hope that you enjoyed it. Any feedback that you care to provide will be appreciated.

Peter Last

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