Tuesday, February 22, 2011

50 Completely Random and Unrelated Questions

1.      What is the purpose of gift giving on birthdays? Assuming a perfect system where every gift is of the same value, there is a total transfer of $0 worth of wealth. It seems that if we all just kept our own stuff, we would be just as well off as if we give gifts.
2.      Why are so many people addicted to their cell phones? I truly do not understand this one. I don’t pay attention to my phone whenever I can afford to ignore it.
3.      Why does skin color matter? If you’re a nice person I’ll like you and if you are a total jerk I won’t like you. Skin color shouldn’t come into the picture.
4.      Why don’t women make sense?
5.      Why are there twelve inches in a foot? Why not eleven or thirteen?
6.      Why did God make the vast majority of humanity right-handed? And why do I keep meeting so many of the minority?
7.      Why do different denominations of Christianity hate each other so much? We all serve the same God, after all.
8.      Why do we use utensils when we eat? Why not just use our hands and wash really well after the meal?
9.      When a large number of college students get hired after graduation, they will work in jobs that they could have efficiently performed after they graduated from high school. Why do we make that college degree so important?
10.  Since the same gas tanker truck fills up the tanks of two gas stations which are directly across the street from each other with the same gas, why can one station charge 10¢ more per gallon and stay in business?
11.  Given that human emissions only count for a fraction of 1% of the total greenhouse gas emissions in the world, how can decreasing time behind the wheel actually affect the climate?
12.  Why do Christians despise non-Christians so much? We would be just like them except for the grace of God.
13.  How can the Bible say that salvation is by grace alone but also require works as evidence of salvation?
14.  Why do things suddenly lose their problems when the repairman shows up and get them again as soon as he leaves?
15.  Why am I, a civil engineering major, required to take a music appreciation class?
16.  Why do you always have the most homework the week before a big test?
17.  Why does caffeine put me to sleep instead of keeping me awake?
18.  Why do chairs have four legs? Why not three? Why not five?
19.  It is said that everyone is special. Doesn’t this statement contradict itself? If everyone is something, wouldn’t that, by definition, make it common and not special?
20.  Why do houses without wood burning fireplaces have false chimneys on them?
21.  If trees don’t pick up after themselves but just throw their leaves on the ground, why can’t we litter?
22.  Why do opposites attract?
23.  Why do people with straight hair want curly hair and people with curly hair want straight hair?
24.  Why do people drink coffee when it tastes so nasty?
25.  Cigarettes make you stink, cough, have no stamina, and drive you to an early death. Why in heaven’s name do people smoke them?
26.  Who decided that school should be in session during the spring and the fall, the two best seasons of the year?
27.  Why didn’t God give pigs sweat glands?
28.  Why do people litter when they're only a few steps from a trash can?
29.  Does hearing something in your sleep actually cement it into your memory any more than hearing it when you are awake?
30.  Why do people question God’s love when He sends people to hell? After all, we all deserve to go there.
31.  If God made the world perfect, where did the first cold virus come from?
32.  If parents are actually showing love when they punish you, why does it feel so much like hate?
33.  Why are speed limits always ten miles an hour too slow?
34.  Why is it that people with the least to be cocky about are always the cockiest?
35.  Why does God love us even when we sin?
36.  Who “invented” the toothpick? They were a genius!
37.  Why does everything revolve around a cycle of some sort or another?
38.  Where is heaven?
39.  What is the difference between a mountain and a hill? Or a stream and a river? Or a pond and a lake?
40.  Why do people go to tanning parlors and pay to get skin cancer?
41.  Why do cheap watches from Wal-Mart last the longest?
42.  Why do certain car radios come with remote controls?
43.  Why is cafeteria food so bad?
44.  Why does the ACLU hate everything that is good? It seems like that have no conditions for their policies except that they must be against something that is good.
45.  Why do people use twitter? Do they actually think that everyone else cares that they just used the facilities and are now walking back to the living room?
46.  Why is everything worth having so hard to get?
47.  Why does it snow profusely everywhere except for where I am?
48.  Why do people die but trees grow indefinitely?
49.  Why do guys enjoy explosions?
50.  Why people say “They say…”? Who are they referring to?

If anyone has an answer to any of the above questions, feel free to respond. As always, thank you fo taking time to read my blog.

Peter Last

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