Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas

To whoever reads this:
This is the Christmas season and I am tired of hearing...well you'll figure it out. Hope you enjoy this post.

            “Happy Holidays!” “Season’s Greetings!”
            These greetings/good-byes makes me sick. Not physical, vomiting sick, rather it just irritates the heck out of me. Not too long ago people were saying “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year,” but now these two, traditional greetings have been the extremely secular, very pathetic versions of “Happy Holidays” and “Season Greetings.” Why do I have such a strong feelings about these two holiday greetings? The disgust I feel is not against the actual greetings but against what they symbolize, an increasingly secularized Christmas holiday.
            The first Christmas was prefect; everyone who participated was there to worship Christ. Nowadays, however, the holiday seems to be more about presents than Jesus and if anyone is worshiped, it is probably Santa Claus. This transformation came about through a series of events, some of which may not have been badly intended but that ended up polluting the Christmas spirit. The most important of these events was the invention of Santa Claus. I’ve heard several stories concerning the original man, St. Nicholas, and I don’t know which one is true, but they all have one important aspect: giving selflessly to people who are in need. Obviously St. Nicholas was not a bad man nor was honoring him as a saint necessarily a bad idea; however, with him came the tradition of gift giving. This practice is not a bad one, in fact I myself like it, but it has been corrupted. Instead of gift giving, people now seem to teach gift getting making the Christmas holiday one of selfishness and greed. As an added bonus, the greed of Christmas was accompanied by a minimization of the focus of Jesus.
            Due to the secularization of the Christmas holiday, some Christians (the ones not blinded by their greed) complain that a holiday bearing Christ’s name has so little to do with Him. Well, I believe that they won’t have to complain about that much longer. All that has to be done is to change the name of the holiday. If you think that I am going off the deep end with this theory, consider the now popular greetings “Happy Holidays” and “Season Greetings.” I could type them again, but I don’t think that I saw a “Christmas” anywhere in them. Which is perfect because when we change the name of the holiday to “Santa Day” we can still use the same lame, expressionless greetings that we are using now. Which brings up an interesting question; seeming as though seculars have succeeded in making Christmas pretty much not at all about Jesus, why would they want to change the name? Why not leave Christians happy by letting them keep their Christ-centered name and nothing else? First, it is because the very mention of Christ even when followed by a “mas” reminds them of what they do not have. The other reason is more about the ease with which they will be able to bring about the change. How many people, Christian or otherwise, do you suppose would put up a fight against the name change as long as they were able to keep their presents?
            So what can we do about this problem, the secularization of Jesus’ birthday celebration? One option is to find the people that started this Happy Holiday nonsense and beat them senseless. Of course this would be illegal and sinful, so that idea is useless to Christians. Another idea is to burn every Happy Holiday and Season’s Greeting sign that you find. Of course this is also illegal and sinful, so is not of much use to us. I actuality, the only recourse that we have to save Christmas is to celebrate it ourselves. Perhaps other people will see us and decide to celebrate it for real as well, but probably not. For heaven’s sake, we can’t even get the majority of Christians to celebrate it for real! Christmas isn’t a lost cause, and shouldn’t be given up on. Christians should celebrate it and honor God through it. They can give gifts in honor of God’s gift to us as long as they don’t worship the gifts more than Jesus. They can worship God through Christmas and, if it is God’s will that such a thing should happen, others will notice them and follow suit. Faith in and obedience to God is the only things that can save Christmas.
            We can’t save Christmas through political means, nor by protests or demonstrations. The only way that Christmas can be saved is with God’s help. Do I think that it will be saved from the rampant secularization that it is undergoing? No, I really don’t but the only way that we can know for certain is to try and save it. After all, God did not tell us to go out and conquer the whole world. He didn’t tell us to only fight battles that we know that we can win. Instead, He told us to be good stewards of what He has given us, and if we do that, even if Christmas is lost, we will have won. So to end this holiday post, I say “Merry Christmas” to all of you staunch Christians out there. And to everyone else who likes to say “Happy Holidays” I will say “MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

Hope that you enjoyed this post. And if you didn't, well maybe the next one will be more to your liking.

Peter Last

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