Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pencil Sharpeners

To whoever reads this:

Hope that you enjoy this, my latest post. It is sort of funny, but also has a very valid point to it.

            You know what is enjoyable? Find something ordinary, something that you see every day and probably dismiss as normal every time that you see it. Once you have an object, analyze it and see what it does, why it is useful. (If the answer to these questions is “nothing” and “it’s not” respectively, you should seriously consider having a garage sale) This helps you realize what mundane and ordinary things there are that are never really noticed but are an indispensible part of our lives. These are the things that no one notices until they are gone. After this, you can take what you have learned and apply it, more generally, to life. (Granted if you actually do this, you have no life just like me, and should consider, oh I don’t know, GETTING A LIFE) Just kidding. Actually these types of things just come to me. Just like the other day when I happened to think about pencil sharpeners.
            I was just walking along thinking about things, I’m not really sure what anymore, when suddenly my mind shouted “Pencil sharpeners!” at me. For the record some people would probably say that I have ADD, but I just call it “an incredible ability to jump directly from one train of thought to another when I am multitasking.” Anyway, for whatever reason my brain decided that pencil sharpeners were an interesting topic, so I spent a few seconds to consider them. (A few seconds was all the time I had until my mind shouted “Squirrel!” when one of them ran by. Which makes me wonder if a pencil sharpener didn’t run by to make me think of it)
            What do pencil sharpeners do? Well, for anyone who can put 2 and 2 together and come up with any answer between 1 and 5, the obvious answer is that they sharpen pencils. But you never really think about the pencil sharpener. Why? You might (if you’re kind of ‘out there’) think about pencils, because they mark on paper. If you need to write something, you need a pencil, and every time you see a pencil mark on a piece of paper, it is a reminder of the pencil that made it. On the other hand, pencil sharpeners are noticed hardly ever. This is because they don’t directly produce anything fantastic or memorable. (Seriously, how many times have you looked at a pencil and though to yourself, “Now that is one finely sharpened pencil! What a good job that sharpener did.”) Instead, sharpeners are a support to pencils, the object that makes the impression.
            Pencil sharpeners don’t directly create anything important, consequently, they are not very memorable, but what would happen if they suddenly all went missing. (It means that they probably all ended up in Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s building and that Perry the Platypus will have to go stop his evil, pencil sharpener scheme. If you don’t get this joke you obviously don’t watch too much Disney Channel) If all of the pencil sharpeners in the world went missing, there would be nothing to sharpen the pencils, consequently, people couldn’t use the pencils to pen, oops! I mean pencil, immortal words like those of famous poets whose words often make me want to throw up, kill myself, go to sleep, or do any combination of these. The point is, that even though it is never noticed until it is missing, the pencil sharpener is a very important device, one that it would be a pain to live without.
            So what was the point of the past few paragraphs?  We can apply the principles of the pencil sharpener to real life. There are people who are the pencils of the world. They are very noticeable and do great things; people like sports stars, political leaders, and movie actors. But at the same time, behind each of those pencils there is a whole host of pencil sharpeners preparing them to do great things. So what can we take from this? First, that someone has to be the pencil sharpener and if that happens to be you, you should be content with your role in life and not seek glory. More importantly, we should learn that for those who are the pencils of life, we should recognize that the people who support them don’t get a lot of recognition, and should make a point of giving them recognition whenever possible. (This is a good move because, besides being a nice thing to do, it also decreases the chances of them really screwing you up by something that they do or don’t do)

Thank you again for reading my blog.

Peter Last

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