Tuesday, November 02, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon

To whoever reads this:
The following is a review of the movie How to Train Your Dragon, recently released on DVD.

            Amongst the cesspool of perversion, bad language, sexual immorality, and gratuitous violence that we call movies, there emerges a ray of sunshine. Not surprisingly, this ray came from Disney, where many good movies come from these days. But the newest Pixar film isn’t what I’m talking about. No, I’m referring to the film How to Train Your Dragon created by DreamWorks.
            The movie is about the Vikings of a village, the dragons that raid that village, and how they have been fighting each other since the Vikings first founded the village. It tells the story of Hiccup, a young Viking boy who is not suited for fighting and killing dragons like all of the rest of the village is. It isn’t giving away too much of the movie to say that Hiccup finds an injured dragon and nurses it back to health. The movie is about how the boy and the dragon learn about each other.
            There are several things that make this movie very good, not only for the children that it was obviously aimed at, but also for more mature viewers. First of all, is has only a PG rating with very little offensive material in it at all. A few rude jokes spot the film, but with no foul language, no sexual themes, and very cartoon like violence, it is fit for all ages. There is a lot of physical humor in the movie making it great for younger audiences, but it also contains jokes that only older people will get.
            Another plus for the movie is its plot. The story that is told in the film is well told, the characters are developed well, and even the setting contributes to the excellent quality of the movie. The story line is not flimsy like those of many cartoons made for kids. Instead, it has all of the characteristics of a solid story. Perhaps even more phenomenal was the development of the characters in the movie. They are not simply colors on the screen that happen to be moving around and saying things. Instead, each person in the movie has a unique attitude making them likeable. Even the people that I wanted to hate, I found it hard to do so because I could sympathize with them.
            All in all, the movie How to Train Your Dragon is a good film to get and watch as a family. I highly recommend it for any age, and I would strongly encourage everyone to watch it.

I hope that you enjoyed this latest post on my blog. As as always, thank you for reading.

Peter Last

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