Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Individual Importance

            I’m sur  that most of us hav  b  n told at on  tim  or anoth r that w  ar  sp cial and that
 v ryon  is important in th ir own way. Y s, w ’v  b  n told that, but how many of us actually b li v  it? How many p opl  ar  th r  in th  world that truly think that th y don’t matt r in th  grand sch m  of things? I m an, l t’s fac  it; som tim s it’s r ally hard to s   th  valu  of som on  who works at a fast food franchis . Sur , th y mak  your food, but if th y w r n’t th r , som on   ls  would do it. Cons qu ntly, th  id a that  v ryon  is important oft n s  ms lik  an untru  clich .
            Th  stat m nt that  v ryon  is important is tru , no matt r how much w  may think oth rwis . To  mphasis this l t’s tak  an  xampl . What if on  of th  k ys on your k yboard wouldn’t work.
L t’s tak  th  l tt r “ ” for this  xampl . Oh wait, you can’t r ad what that l tt r is! W ll, I’ll giv  you a hint, you mak  th  word “man” plural by r placing th  “a” with this l tt r. I’m sur  that you alr ady figur d that out, and I’m also sur  that you can r ad this post  v n without th  l tt r, but what about th  words “b d” and “b d”? Can you t ll what th s  on s say? So you can s   that no matt r how common or s  mingly unimpr ssiv  a p rson is, th y ar  still important and should b  t r at d as such.

Hope that you enjoyed this latest post. As always, thank you for reading my blog.

Peter Last

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  1. very good point peper. at first, I thought you were just being careless or dumb or something else to let a blog posted as this, then my second thought wispered "No, he knows better...", so I looked again, and, impressive!! well, i think i feed you well then :)